Drawing tablets happen to be the most important and powerful tool for creative people, especially when it comes to artists, such as animators. These gadgets come in all price ranges.

It should be noted that the best drawing tablets we have reviewed in this article offer two core features:

N Either you can view your work right on the tablet in real time, OR
N You can connect it with a screen and view your drawings or animations on a bigger canvas

These are two of the most basic features that determine the buying decision of any artist. Well, if you are still unsure about what you should buy, we have covered 10 most popular drawing tablets for you.

Best Drawing Tablets 2019

Don’t have time to go through our in-depth review of the Best Drawing Tablets in 2019? Don’t worry, here’s a selection of the best ones. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

1. Wacom Bamboo CTL471

Wacom is a very well-known brand when it comes to producing drawing tablets. You can read one of our earlier published reviews here. It gives an utmost level of creativity to artists. Whether you are a pro, or you have just jumped into this colorful World of designing, there is an array of tools you could choose from, including watercolors, oils, and chalks in order to create a masterpiece. The pressure level is quite optimal, which happens to be at 1024 and the resolution attracts a great deal of potential buyers since it is at a whopping 2540 LPI. I would say that for a product of this price range and such a reliable brand, the features are quite extravagant to start with.
✓ High accuracy

✓ Suitable for both left and right-handed users

 Windows and Mac OS compatible

Active area of 5.8″ x 3.6″

Not available on Wacom’s US store

2. Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13

Here comes Wacom’s darling product with an unparalleled variety of features. You can avail a special promotion by clicking here. MobileStudio Pro 13 is one of the best drawing tablets, with a slim body that nests all of the creative tools Wacom has to offer in this price range. Whether you want to craft a 2D masterpiece or a 3D one, you have got everything at your fingertips. This tablet comes with four times enhanced accuracy and the pressure sensitivity also exceeds our expectations. With its unbelievably high Adobe RGB color performance, every creative geek craves to add this product to his collection.
✓ Laced with core elite suite 17 software bundle ✓ Built-in Intel sense camera ✓ 10x efficient memory card
Expensive (c.$2,000) Not beginner friendly
This is one of the best products falling in the most economical price range listed on Amazon. It has a modern sleek look (just 11mm thickness) and happens to be incredibly lightweight gadget than the competitors. For making the user experience better and enhancing the comfortability, its corners are round and if you are a drawing tablet user, you already know about this perk. This feature allows you to work hours on the device and makes it perfectly suitable for office use. Furthermore, XP-Pen has used a high-quality glass material, preventing the buildup of dirt and increases accuracy as well. The display is quite natural and that is because of its 178 degrees visual angle. Plus, with its sheer ability to display in 4K, users can enjoy a very sharp detail of every sketch.
✓ 6 inches medium display ✓ 16:9 screen ratio ✓ 1920×1080 IPS panel ✓ A whopping 8192 pressure sensitivity
Cannot support Linux OS and Chromebooks
With the launch of this graphics tablet, Wacom initiated its very own latest pen technology capable of supporting 8192 pressure levels. It is not out of the blue that this gadget completely redefined the professional standard of designing. It caters to an array of earlier problems by providing solutions for tilt responses and lagged tracing on the surface of the glass. One of the core reasons for this embellishments is the HQ glass. Intuos Pro is basically a series of tablets featured in a variety of sensitivity levels, multi-touch features and of course, active area as well.
 Programmable express keys Pen switches and radial menus Wacom Pro pen included ✓ Compact and ergonomic design Multi-touch Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
 Some users have complained that specific photoshop features do not work on this gadget which is quite an unexpected thing for Wacom
Now that is what we call a purely economical product that you could use to earn millions by designing! It’s basically an android drawing tablet with 1280×800 pixels of resolution and a quad-core processor. For a gadget of this range, the cameras are just fine with 2 MP at the front and 5 MP at the back. The screen features an IPS panel of roughly 10 inches and the package includes a screen protector as well. Moreover, it nests an Android OS with version 7, Nougat. One of the core advantages of availing this great gadget is that it does not come loaded with a lot of useless apps. The only pre-installed application is the one you need to start drawing.
 Affordable ✓ Multi-port support ✓ Runs on latest android version ✓ Compact and ergonomic design Multi-touch Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
The screen protector is glossy so the stylus slips occasionally Low resolution  Expensive, there are cheaper Android drawing tablets available in the market
This is one of the most affordable drawing tablets rolled out by Huion. Being sold at $50, H640P is a very mobile gadget that you could seamlessly carry almost everywhere. It is lightweight, sleek and stylish at the same time. Plus, its stylus is also battery-free so it reduces the weight and you do not even have to spend on changing batteries regularly. One of the core features is that it nests 6 programmable express key so you could keep preferred shortcuts right at your fingertips. It possesses a durable surface and is compatible with both Mac and Windows Operating Systems. Adding more to its ergonomic and comfortable look is its bezel-less design and round corners
 233PPS report rate 6 customizable keys 6.3×3.9 inches working area Pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels No charging or rechargeable batteries needed Comes with a pen holder and 8 nibs Very affordable
Some users have complained that after a few months of use, the grip of the nib on screen was not up to the mark The pen occassionally makes scratching sounds when it is rubbed against the glass surface
This is the product where Huion took a flight and started counting itself in the race. The sensitivity level was increased to 8192, and the active area was also increased to 11 inches. In these 10 best drawing tablets, this product has one of the vastest useable areas. The rechargeable pen has excellent grip and comes with a pen holder as well. Since people were quite reluctant to use a wired stylus, Huion took a step forward and successfully introduced a cordless pen in the particular model being discussed. Its curvy edges do not only keep the hand posture comfortable but add up to the overall aura of the tablet and make it more stylish. The previous models had limited customizable keys but Q11K has 8 programmable keys to make shortcuts readily available to artists like you. The battery also lasts for about 40 hours, so for roughly 2 days, you do not have to worry about it draining unexpectedly in the middle of your work.   Plus, you could lock the shortcut keys with a small button on the side.
Wireless Pen Prolonged battery life Massive active area Excellent grip on the screen Compatible with both Windows and Mac A switch is also provided to lock the short keys so you do not press them unintentionally
The size might not be ideal for everyone
Ugee 1910B happens to be a reasonably priced product that has made into our list of best drawing tablets. While it is compatible with Mac and Windows, it possesses an array of features. The screen is exceptionally huge and that gives a lot of room to artists for drawing the masterpieces. One of the minor but highly advantageous perks is that the stand is adjustable and the rubber never lets it slip on any surface. The pressure sensitivity for Ugee 1910B falls in the 2K range and that makes it seamless to work with. Furthermore, with a whopping 16.7M color consistency and 1440×900 resolution, this gadget is Ugee’s darling. There is a complimentary screen protector and 10 extra nibs in the package as well.
A response time of 5ms 402mm x 225mm active area which makes it ideal to work on bigger pictures High accuracy of 0.25mm Two complementary pens Lightweight Reasonably priced
Not portable. The size is huge and roughly weighs that of a regular screen Some users have complained about color combination not up to the mark. But that could just be an item-specific issue. Generally, we have seen that it works great